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Not To Scale Signs Directing Duo BAT (aka Bali Engel and Mat Landour)

From the release:

Award-winning film and animation production company Not To Scale has signed BAT, the talented directing duo formed of Bali Engel and Mat Landour.

Bolstering the studio’s multi-skilled, international roster, BAT are experts across several disciplines including 2D and 3D animation, live action sculptures and puppets. Bringing to life a huge range of personalities across their work, the duo demonstrates a flair for powerful storytelling within unique visual worlds – from a beautiful, charming 2D journey through a child’s storybook, to a comical CG Game of Thrones-style battle scene co-directed with FX Goby.

They have worked on various ambitious TV commercials for the likes of Coca Cola, Fanta, Kellogg’s, Tropicana, Kia, Acer and the International Olympic Committee. Their short film ‘Shock Therapy’ is currently screening at film festivals worldwide.

“Not To Scale is one of the most exciting animation production companies to be in right now. We’re very excited about joining the team. We can’t wait to get started and make amazing, beautiful animations together.” – BAT / Bali Engel and Mat Landour

Founder and Executive Producer of Not To Scale, Dan O’Rourke, says: “As media channels continue to fragment, it’s increasingly important that we offer our clients versatile talent that can utilise a variety of animation techniques that best suit the medium the work will be viewed in. Bali and Mat have this ability in spades, equally comfortable working with simple 2D design as they are with complex 3D scenes and characters, or with live action and mixed media. They are a Swiss Army penknife that I’m sure we will be regularly taking out of our pockets”.