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Scholar Names Reimold and Hullinger as EPs in San Francisco and Chicago

From the release:

With the addition of two executive producers in two new cities, Scholar is reinforcing their belief in the power of strong relationships. A presence in San Francisco and Chicago means connecting more authentically to those communities.

As Co-Founder & Director Will Johnson puts it, “we want to be plugged into creative earlier, our people closer, the process easier and more personable, in order to dive into the concept-driven work that we love. Monica and Peter’s deep understanding of production and overall presence make that possible.”

In a changing industry, Scholar is gearing up to collaborate with all different types of clients and artists regardless of workflow. Monica and Peter’s superpower of fostering and strengthening relationships take Scholar one step closer to delivering on that promise.

Monica, based in San Francisco, comes with EP experience from Laundry, Ranger & Fox, and Psyop. With a multifaceted career in the advertising industry spanning more than 15 years, her expertise reaches across live-action, VR/AR, animation, and new media. She is a fierce advocate of owning every aspect of the creative process and, being in the Bay Area, delightfully thrives in all things tech and navigating in-house account service. According to Monica, she likes to “split her focus equally, with undying love and devotion for [her] studio and creatives, and the same dedication when partnering with, educating, and supporting [her] clients.” It’s all about patience, trust, and creating lasting relationships.

Peter, based in Chicago, is excited about the opportunity to bring a deeper awareness of what Scholar has to offer to the Midwest. Previously an EP of Visual Effects at the Mill and Managing Director of Beast, Company 3 & Method Studios, Peter had an extensive career in the agency world before shifting to creative production. On speaking about his move to Scholar, he said, “I wanted to work somewhere with a personal approach, and Scholar had the welcoming nature of a friendly team that was a paradigm for me. Scholar isn’t just a creative executor but a solution provider, a partner. That ethos deeply aligns with the level of service that I aim to bring to our clients and the opportunities I want to create for our incredible team of artists.”

Scholar’s executive production team is a task force of solutions-oriented experts who facilitate style, technique, and efficiency to fulfill any creative vision, and Peter and Monica add to that legacy.

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