Sing-Sing (aka Adi Goodrich and Sean Pecknold) Sign to The Directors Bureau Roster

From the release:

The Directors Bureau today announced that Sing-Sing has joined the company’s director roster. Comprising spatial designer Adi Goodrich and film and animation director Sean Pecknold, Sing-Sing is known for bringing together multidisciplinary skills to realize vibrant, larger-than-life works across commercials, music videos, art, and design.

“Our work is inherently collaborative as is the nature of The Directors Bureau, making it the perfect fit for us in our commercial endeavors,” shared Sing-Sing.

“Sing-Sing’s work is imaginative and playful with an elegant simplicity. I’m very drawn to the diverse and handcrafted nature of their portfolio, as well as how they fluidly move between art forms, which is a hallmark of The Directors Bureau. Sing-Sing will be excellent partners for our upcoming creative adventures as we explore endeavors outside the 30-second commercial,” said Roman Coppola, Founder, The Directors Bureau.

Based in Los Angeles, Sing-Sing are visual storytellers that infuse projects with subtle whimsy and elevate impactful ideas with their multifaceted perspective. Since forming in 2015, they’ve created projects for global brands including Google, BBC, Apple, Sony, Netflix, Nike, Target, and Lyft, as well as helmed music videos for John Legend and Fleet Foxes. Beyond commercial direction, Sing-Sing is developing a stop-motion animation feature.