Strange Beast Director/Animator Ivyy Chen | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast Signs Director/Animator Ivyy Chen

From the release:

Ivyy Chen is a Taiwanese animator, illustrator, and director living in London, where she graduated with a BA in illustration and animation from Kingston University.

Her strong design sensibility and versatility are enough to adjust her style according to any brief, making her an ideal candidate for creative collaboration. Ivyy uses symbolism and a distinct color palette in her designs, which allows her to challenge deeper messages on sensitive subjects and trigger different perspectives for her audiences.

Ivyy has produced work for Greenpeace and Oxford Sparks amongst others, while her self-initiated film ‘Isle of Chair’ has been selected for a number of international festivals.

Kitty Turley, Executive Producer at Strange Beast says “I’m thrilled to have Ivyy join the Strange Beast roster. She has such a sensitive approach to directing, conjuring tone and emotion through her beautiful compositions. She is an extremely exciting artist, and I can’t wait to see what comes of our collaboration”