Artist: Andre “Smatik” Ljosaj Info from Ljosaj: “The idea behind this project was to create something surreal with an magical experience for Coca Cola. “We see a bunch of people and animals running on the Coke ribbon through a Coca Cola styled landscape. “The challenge was to create these styleframes beside my work and find […] [Read more]

Artist: João LavieriStudio: Lobo Info: The agency brief was that we should tell Alicia Keys story by a psychedelic point view using heavy illustration to create a flow of information and facts of her life. The challenge was how we would animate those freeform organic illustration. [Read more]

Artists: Cagan Yuksel / Rik Oostenbroek / Nate Howe Background info from Yuksel: “The opportunity was given by Maurice Marable directly to me. I have done previous work for him and he was confident enough for my vision to meet his needs. I was bidding against the top shops in the world and had 3 […] [Read more]

Artist: Jay Keeree Info from Keeree: “This project was made for Design for Motion class I took at Savannah College of Art and Design. For this project, the challenge was to create a piece about mythology using and experimenting with tactile materials. To bring something new to the table, I decided to go with something […] [Read more]

Artist: Josh Van PraagStudio: Eyecandy DC Info from Josh Van Praag: “This was a pitch for a two part package Nat Geo was creating called “World’s Weirdest” and “World’s Deadliest”. The package “World’s Weirdest” encompassed shows such as “Strange Love”, “Bizarre Battles”, and “Alien Abduction”. The inspiration was taken from early B movie posters.” [Read more]

Artist: Steve Yasin Studios: Flux71, EdgeWorkx Info: EdgeWorkx called on Flux71 to develop a style frame or two that could give a dramatic look and feel to History Channel’s show “Underwater Universe.” The show is essentially about 7 places that epitomize humanity’s troubled relationship with the watery world. [Read more]