Artist: Andre “Smatik” Ljosaj Info from Ljosaj: “The idea behind this project was to create something surreal with an magical experience for Coca Cola. “We see a bunch of people and animals running on the Coke ribbon through a Coca Cola styled landscape. “The challenge was to create these styleframes beside my work and find […] [Read more]

Artist: João LavieriStudio: Lobo Info: The agency brief was that we should tell Alicia Keys story by a psychedelic point view using heavy illustration to create a flow of information and facts of her life. The challenge was how we would animate those freeform organic illustration. [Read more]

Artists: Cagan Yuksel / Rik Oostenbroek / Nate Howe Background info from Yuksel: “The opportunity was given by Maurice Marable directly to me. I have done previous work for him and he was confident enough for my vision to meet his needs. I was bidding against the top shops in the world and had 3 […] [Read more]

Artist: Roman RüttenStudio: 1stAveMachine Info from Rütten: “Here we see 2 approaches for the HTC Sensation spot that I did. Biggest challenge was the time I did all the final Styleframes of the liquid version in one night after they showed me some fero fluid references. “After that the production was crazy tight. Everything happened […] [Read more]

Artist: Jay Keeree Info from Keeree: “This project was made for Design for Motion class I took at Savannah College of Art and Design. For this project, the challenge was to create a piece about mythology using and experimenting with tactile materials. To bring something new to the table, I decided to go with something […] [Read more]

Artist: Roman RüttenStudio: 1stAveMachine Info from Rütten: The biggest challenge of this pitch was to get really photo real. The idea about the spot was pretty clear by the client. He was a little bit unsure of using CG. I wanted to make them feel as safe as possible so i tried to have a […] [Read more]