Artist: Luis TorresStudio: La Flama Info from Torres: “This style frames were created to rebrand the Kids segment of Canal Cinco ( Channel Five ) of Televisa. Televisa wanted to include some images of the Lucha Libre into the kids segment as it is really popular here in Mexico. At the same time we were […] [Read more]

Artist: Josh Van PraagStudio: Eyecandy DC Info from Josh Van Praag: “This was a pitch for a two part package Nat Geo was creating called “World’s Weirdest” and “World’s Deadliest”. The package “World’s Weirdest” encompassed shows such as “Strange Love”, “Bizarre Battles”, and “Alien Abduction”. The inspiration was taken from early B movie posters.” [Read more]

Artist: Aras DarmawanStudio: Netra Info from Darmawan: “At a point where I was tired doing pitch in advertising, I initiated Netra with friends back home and pitched an idea of using interactive motion graphics as collaboration to Indonesian art/dance community. After couple of emails and Skype calls, they are very excited with our concept and […] [Read more]

Artists: Sergio Saleh, Jose Cambariere, Paula Vidal Studio: LUMBREWebsite: Info: Salt Studios called us to develop a pitch for FOX BS 238, a channel from the FOX family to be aired in Japan. Our main challenge was to incorporate the occidental look and feel in the japanesse market, creating a channel that was mostly […] [Read more]

Artist: Matt GreenwoodStudio: TantrumWebsites: / From Greenwood: “I developed these style frames for a Ford campaign while I was at Tantrum design. The agency provided a few key supers and wanted to feature the cars driving in a city at night. Having previously worked with Ford, I was familiar with their openness to […] [Read more]

Artist: Steve Yasin Studios: Flux71, Chromatic Studios Websites:, Info: In collaboration with Chromatic Studios, Flux71 was requested by the NFL Network to provide concepts and style frames updating the show “Plays of the Year.” A segmented show based off the parent show “GameDay” which takes a look back at the best plays from […] [Read more]