80’s Flashback From Buck NY

Buck NY rocks the American experience of the decadent decade in this 15-second ident for the National Geographic show “80’s the Decade the Made US”. Created using pencil, ink, watercolor paint, and that ever-so-1980’s pastel pink. [Read more]

Persistent Peril Plays God

Persistent Peril animates the ups and downs of a fickle creationist god in this new music video for The Leisure Society’s track “Fight For Everyone”. Browse the individual illustrations on the Persistent Peril project page. [Read more]

Artist: Arpine AlexanianStudio: Pic Agency Info from Pic: “Playboy Club is exactly about what the title implies it is about, a drama about a time and place that challenged the existing social mores and transformed American culture forever. This playful sequence focuses on the day of a “Bunny” at the club. Through the illustrated style, […] [Read more]

Artist: Chieh LeeWebsite: www.behance.net/chiehlee Info: To design two directions of style frames for Syfy Kids Three-Second Network ID was the first challenge. Since Syfy Kids has a broad range of target audience (2 to 17 years old), it has been broken down to two age ranges: 2 to 13 years old (children) and 14 to […] [Read more]

Artist: Matt GreenwoodStudio: TantrumWebsites: mattgreenwood.tv / throwatantrum.tv Backstory from Greenwood: “CIBC wanted to promote their new Visa Aerogold card by targeting people traveling via airplane. The commercials would play in airports and on small screens on the back of airline seats. Since the spots would not contain audio and they were to be played in […] [Read more]

Artist: Brett JubinvilleStudio: Tinman Creative Website: tinman.tv Backstory from Brett: “I needed to create an army of the dead for a couple of shots I was doing on a project at Tinman, which posed a bit of a problem because I didn’t have too much time to do it. “What ended up making it work […] [Read more]