Artist: Jeremy Mansford Info from Mansford: “Short film entry. Directed, art directed and motion designed for the 2010 Pepsi MAXIT short film compeition. “Made in 48hours and came second in the competition. Big thanks to Brendon & Fletch for being legends and making this happen.” [Read more]

Artist: Luther Himes IVClient: Arts + Labor, Austin TX / Cooking Channel From Luther Himes: “I was brought in by Arts + Labor to help develop a look and feel for the graphics surrounding a Cooking Channel special starring chef Richard Blais. The show’s theme pivoted between Blais’s culinary nostalgia and new, cutting edge techniques […] [Read more]

Artist: Andre “Smatik” Ljosaj Info from Ljosaj: “The idea behind this project was to create something surreal with an magical experience for Coca Cola. “We see a bunch of people and animals running on the Coke ribbon through a Coca Cola styled landscape. “The challenge was to create these styleframes beside my work and find […] [Read more]

Artist: Cindy SuenSchool: SCAD Info from Suen: “Style frames based on the story behind one of my favorite festivals – the Mid-Autumn festival. Story: The Moon Goddess Chang’ e took the immortality pill out of curiosity, despite her husband’s warning to not take the pill. She started floating into the sky once she swallowed it […] [Read more]

Concept/Directors/3D: Wissam Altroudi, Firas Ershead Tree Design: Luis BrancoStudio: Info Fillers Info from Ershead: “Attached is a style frames, a pitch for a new TV weather opener for Aljazeera Channel. Our goal was to create an easily associated with Aljazeera channel ID and spontaneously recognized by a viewer, keeping it smart – artistic – edgy […] [Read more]

Artists: Jan Bitzer, Csaba Letay, Tom Weber, Dirk Urbaniak Studio: Polynoid Client: Self / Edding Info from Polynoid: “Dirk Urbaniak developed this concept for a spot with the goal to sell it to one of the bigger stationary manufacturers like Edding of MontBlanc. “Being self initiated, we were pretty free in the execution and we […] [Read more]