"Playful Shapes" In-store Phone demos by From Illo | STASH MAGAZINE

“Playful Shapes” In-store Phone demos by From Illo

From Illo in Turin, Italy: “A fun project commissioned by NYC agencies 1stAve Machine and Special Guest had us working on the in-store demos for the launch of new smartphones. A colorful, dynamic experience ensued.” [Read more]

1stAveMachine OK Go | STASH MAGAZINE

Special Guest: OK Go “The Writing’s On the Wall”

1stAveMachine‘s Aaron Duffy and Bob Partington share directing credit with OK Go’s Damian Kulash Jr. and conjure all manner of tricky, one-take, in-camera optical trickery to nudge the video for “The Writing’s On the Wall” (from the upcoming album Hungry Ghosts) into the land of How-the-crap-did-they-do-that and I-need-to-watch-that-again.

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