Stardust and Cyrcle for DC Shoes

Stardust director and co-owner Seth Epstein fires up his team for this startling DC Shoes clip featuring design/graffiti by Los Angeles art Collective Cyrcle and two of DC’s sponsored Skaters to promo a new product line Cyrcle designed for DC. [Read more]

Seth Epstein and Stardust “Walk New Ground” for Ahnu

Stardust director Seth Epstein crafts the inspirational and ultimately humbling tale of ultra-endurance hiker Trevor Thomas in this director’s cut of a branded content piece for Bay Area footwear maker Ahnu. Whisps of delicate and fleeting motion design contrast perfectly with the rich cinematography shot by DP Patrick Notaro on DSLR on location in Northern California and graded by Siggy Ferstl at Company 3. Music by Jesse Mattson. [Read more]

Collider 2013 Speakers | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet the 2013 Collider Conference Speakers!

Oscar®-winning “Paperman” director John Kahrs and VFX industry icon Scott Ross will anchor the stellar cast of COLLIDER speakers, panelists and masterclass presenters hitting NYC this June 9-11. Spanning advertising to feature films, the roster also includes Weta Digital, Logan, MPC, LucasArts, Method, [Read more]

Artist: Karen To Studio: Stardust Info from To: “I designed a couple of styleframes for AICP Sponser Reel.” [Read more]