Territory Studio Signs EP Emily Rivvers

From the release:

San Francisco, CA (Nov 25th, 2019) — Executive Producer Emily Rivvers has joined Territory Studio, San Francisco.

Rivvers grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Communications. She began her post-production career at Imaginary Forces, immediately drawn to design, animation, and VFX at the renowned studio.

Rivvers went on to produce content for clients such as HBO, SHOWTIME, and AMC working alongside Karin Fong and a stable of directors including the Emmy Award-winning team of Mark Gardner and Steve Fuller. She has also partnered with Buck, Method Studios, and ILM for the likes of Facebook, Sony, and Disney.

“I’ve always been drawn to creative projects that resonate emotionally with people, and with Territory Studio, I have every opportunity to achieve this alongside Marti and a broad range of artists,” Rivvers explains.

“Territory has expertise in narrative design through technology that is second to none. And, I look forward to helping shape memorable experiences for brands and IPs with the team in the years to come.”

Rivvers’ arrival caps off a busy year for the independent design company, continuing to deliver compelling future-facing content for films, games, and brands. Recent motion design, visual effects and digital experiences include GFX seen in the Brad Pitt sci-fi epic “Ad Astra,” beautifully executed in-car User Interface designs for luxury vehicle automaker Lincoln, as well as innovative content for clients that include Netflix, Adobe, and EA Sports.