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Tia Perkins Joins Carbon NY as Head of Production

From the release:

Creative Studio Carbon welcomes Tia Perkins as Head of Production in New York. The multiskilled leader joins from The Mill, where she spent 12 years partnering with some of the best brands and brightest minds in the business. As Senior Content Producer for Mill+, she helped build the studio’s in-house directorial offering into one of the most prominent in the industry.

Known for her collaborative and supportive leadership style, Tia will focus on fostering agency and brand relationships at Carbon and building the studio’s growing team of artists, designers, and directors.

“Working hand and hand with clients and directors brings me the biggest joy in what I do!” says Tia. “My clients know I will always give them my absolute best, and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with incredibly talented directors. The best results always grow out of understanding both what the client is looking for and the director’s vision for how to make that happen. I can’t wait to get started with Carbon’s directors and work alongside them to build a really solid offering for clients.”

Tia’s many career highlights include large-scale and complex productions both domestic and international, from the iconic CG Chantix Turkey to live-action or interactive campaigns for HP, Gatorade, and Jack Daniel’s. Design and animation work includes the opening titles to Netflix’s Marco Polo, a brand campaign for Cartier, and BLONDIE’s ‘Doom or Die’ music video. “Tia has an incredible catalog of work to her name,” explains the studio’s MD Phil Linturn.

“She has worked at the highest level, from award winners to Super Bowl campaigns. As Carbon continues to expand, having Tia lead the team will provide the perfect production expertise needed. I was instantly blown away by her positivity and energy, she will be an incredible presence on our team.”

“Carbon felt like a second home right away,” comments Tia. “The people I met, the honesty, and of course the work they’ve done to date is something to really be excited about! I want us to be a go-to when clients think of production quality and bring another level of creative thinking to their doorstep. In a few seconds, or minutes, we are telling stories, visually capturing an audience or making them laugh. Our work has such an impact on people’s day-to-day lives, I always want what we put out into the world to be impactful, beautiful, or bold. Ideally, all three!”

A true leader with her eye on improving workplace opportunities for all, Tia created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion group “What’s Next” in her previous role. The group focused on providing a safe place for BIPOC within the workplace environment to share ideas, feel heard and understood. She has also been a passionate mentor to juniors throughout her career, spearheading internship programs and helping them find their own footing in the industry.

“Creating beautiful, socially conscious, diverse, high-quality work is key to building something that everyone wants to be a part of,” she adds. “In my new role at Carbon, I will continue to build a team that not only works well together but also excels because of each other.”