UNIT9 Launches Dedicated Spatial Computing Offering

From the release:

Coinciding with the release of Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset, Spatial by UNIT9, is officially launching on 25 January 2024 to help brands capitalize on the next frontier in digital experiences.

UNIT9 – a well-established leader in creating trailblazing digital experiences for brands – is today (25th January 2024) launching a dedicated spatial computing offering, called Spatial by UNIT9, to help clients capitalise on the powerful new marketing opportunities that come from this evolving medium, propelled by the much-anticipated releases of Meta and Apple’s new spatial computing headsets: the Quest 3 and Vision Pro. Full-service and end-to-end, Spatial by UNIT9 will capture everything from advisory consultation through to experience design and production.

From developing new spatial-friendly methodologies and UX approaches, to investing in R&D that tests the limits of currently available technology, UNIT9 has already experimented with the nascent field of spatial computing with projects such as Meta’s First Encounters: a game that comes ready-to-play on every Quest 3 headset that received rave reviews and shows how mixed reality immersion can be taken to the next level with the latest hardware.

“We’re at the convergence point of a number of key technologies, including – but not limited to – AR, VR, AI, and wearables,” explains Spatial by UNIT9’s lead, Media Ridha. “These tech trends are no longer siloed, but are working together to pave the way for a new future of spatial computing. And now that Meta and Apple’s key hardware releases are finally hitting the market, spatial computing is at a tipping point of broader consumer adoption. It’s set to become not only the hot topic of 2024, but an entirely new medium for many years ahead, with some insiders even arguing it will eventually replace the smartphone.”

“Spatial frees brands from the confines of the screen, giving us the ability to deliver environmentally contextual content. From shared entertainment experiences through co-presence to life-scale product discovery, we now have limitless possibilities to make digital feel dimensional. Brands will need to adapt to spatial computing in the same way they had to evolve around a mobile-first world when the smartphone completely reshaped our media landscape. And we want to use our proven successes in immersive and emerging technology to help clients transition into the new world of spatial computing.”

Josh Gold, Executive Producer at Meta’s Reality Labs, added: “From working with UNIT9 in the past on projects such as First Encounters, it’s clear that they are total experts when it comes to mixed reality, along with a myriad of other immersive and emerging technologies. Their decades-long legacy in this space combined with their thirst for innovation and experimentation means they are the perfect partner to help brands dive into this exciting new era of engagement.”

UNIT9’s long history of success in this field is evident in its strong AR and VR portfolio, with recent standout projects including its geospatial AR twists for SPACE INVADERS: World Defense and Barbie’s takeover of Gap’s flagship store in Times Square. Such projects mean the company is in a unique position to guide and support brands through the potential minefield of future-proofed spatial computing strategies and campaigns.

Spatial by UNIT9 will be spearheaded by Media Ridha (Head of Digital). Ridha will be supported by a multidisciplinary team comprising Marc D’Souza (Head of Innovation), Annie Bedard (Head of Experience Design) and Andrew Oaten (Head of Game Development). Further expertise comes from UNIT9’s star new hire, Rafael Pavon (Executive Creative Director). The Sundance, Tribeca and SXSW award-winning Pavon will further bolster Spatial by UNIT9 with his highly-regarded VR and gaming expertise. With the leadership team stationed across Europe and North America, the specialised offering will serve the global