VICE Visual Studio Now Open for Non-VICE Work

From the release:

“VICE Visual Studio is a full-fledged design and animation workshop. It started out as a small team of animators, art directors and designers that helped create the packaging, look and feel for VICELAND, VICE’s TV network, and a majority of its shows.

“After, two years, 35+ shows, and some films, our work was receiving really positive feedback — including awards and some notice in industry blogs.

“Eventually, outside parties began asking Matt Schoen, VICE’s head of design, if we could do non-VICE and VICELAND work.

“The thought never crossed our mind, but we realized we had the capabilities and talent to make this work. Most importantly, we had a unique point of view being veterans at VICE and VICELAND that would really set us apart.

“So, in the winter of 2017, we launched our website and offered our services to the public.”