Worker-Owned VFX Cooperative NEXODUS Launches in LA

From the release:

NEXODUS, a pioneering worker-owned cooperative specializing in visual effects, proudly announces its official launch as a creative powerhouse in the entertainment and advertising industries. Founded in 2020 by five visionary individuals, including Anthony Kramer and John Baer, NEXODUS has rapidly expanded its horizons and now boasts a dedicated team of 30 members. With Joseph Bell taking the helm as Head of Studio in January 2023, the company is poised for an even brighter future.

“As a worker-owned cooperative, NEXODUS is breaking new ground in the visual effects industry,” shares Anthony Kramer, Head of Visual Effects. “Our shared vision is to empower artists, foster creativity, and ensure that everyone has a stake in our success. NEXODUS is more than a business; it’s a collective journey.”

What sets NEXODUS apart is its deep commitment to worker ownership and democratic management. The cooperative prides itself on providing a sustainable and socially equitable workplace where artists can thrive and create in an environment that fosters empowerment through democratic ownership. Every member at NEXODUS actively participates in the company’s vision and shares in its financial success. With a principle of one worker, one vote, NEXODUS ensures that decision-making is a collective effort, guided by strong principles that place artists and their interests at the heart of the mission.

“While our talent tends to come from the world of high-end feature film VFX, many of them regularly work on commercials,” adds Bell. “There’s plenty of overlap in the tools and technology, but it’s important to really understand the unique needs of each type of client. Brands need nimble creative partners to help them reach their audience across diverse channels and formats, and our team’s experience with video games and virtual production puts us ahead of the curve here.”

The NEXODUS creative roster includes VFX Supervisor Ryan Urban, Creative Director Holli Alvarado, and Onset Supervisor Matthew Steidl. Its impressive network of creative talent also includes Virtual Art Department pioneer and Art Director Alex Nice and Creative Director Mat Stevens.

NEXODUS’ recent and upcoming projects span a multitude of categories including film, television, gaming, commercials and advertising. The team’s most recent work in film includes providing VFX for feature film “Breathe,” streaming series “Bedtime Stories with Ryan” and indie feature film “Paint” while other projects like “Project Artemis” for Apple TV+ are currently in the works. In the commercial and advertising realm, they recently completed projects for Barkley, Dyson and provided central VFX imagery for a new Big Time Rush music video. NEXODUS has also actively engaged in the gaming industry, having supplied talent to companies like Atmos and Studio Wildcard. Patrick Schuler and Aylwin Fernando — both coop members — contributed to Studio Wildcard’s latest AAA game release “Ark: Survival Ascended.”

Starting with just five founding members in 2020, NEXODUS has grown to a close-knit community of 30 members, each contributing their unique talents to deliver stunning visual effects that captivate audiences across the globe. Whether they are looking for traditional post VFX, virtual production, or real-time content, NEXODUS meets their clients where they need to be.

“At Nexodus, we believe that every production can be made better when teams work together as a unified whole, rather than as a sum of its parts,” concludes CEO John Baer. “We offer a new way to make content, allowing creatives to focus on creativity and worry less about logistics. We stand ready at a moment’s notice to augment any team, providing exactly what is needed to get the job done right.”