2,328 Firearms Later Patrick Smith Releases “Gun Shop”

Director/animator Patrick Smith in Montauk, NY: “This film shows 2,328 firearms, out of the 393 million currently in the US. Arranged in a dizzying 24 frames per second progression, from handguns to semi-automatic assault rifles.

“‘Gun Shop’ encourages viewers to critically examine America’s love affair with guns.

“Over the past few years, I’ve learned the striking visual power of objects. The everyday objects that surround us in our lives, or are displayed in the media, are a credible vehicle for expressing many ideas about our world if organized to do so.

“They are very often mundane, but sometimes extraordinary. I discovered that a simple 24 frames per second juxtaposition and choreographed audio sync can bring these objects to life, creating a mesmerizing effect that has the distinct ability to convey complex ideas, and concise visual interpretations of culture, economics, personality, and philosophy.”

Director/animator: Patrick Smith
Producer: Kaori Ishida
Music: Steve Rice, Jen Mitlas
Sound Mix: Lucien Palmer

Best Experimental 2019 ASIFA-East
Best Professional 2019 ASIFA-San Francisco
Best Documentary 2019 Literally Short Film Festival
Honorable Mention 2019 Woods Hole Film Festival
Best Experimental 2019 Florida Animation Festival

Official Selection (partial):
2019 Annecy Animation Festival
2019 Stuttgart Animation Festival
2019 VIS Vienna Shorts
2019 Odense
2019 Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, Portugal
2019 Badalona Film Festival, Spain
2019 Odense International Film Festival, Denmark
2019 Linoleum Festival, Ukraine
2019 Animasyros, Greece
2019 Breckenridge Film Festival
2019 Festival Stop Motion Montreal
2019 Port Townsend Film Festival
2019 Viborg Animation Festival
2019 Nashville Film Festival
2019 StopTrik Animation Festival
2019 I Castelli Animati
2019 Bend Film Festival
2019 Taichung Int. Animation Festival
2019 International Short Fest Cyprus
2019 New Orleans Film Festival
2019 Orlando Film Festival
2019 Wiesbaden Int. Festival Animation
2019 Big Cartoon Festival Moscow
2019 Savannah Film Festival
2019 Ojai Film Festival
2019 East Lansing Film Festival
2019 Interfilm Berlin