Subconscious Drool Short Film Jack Hudson | STASH MAGAZINE

Stay Calm With the Short Film “Subconscious Drool” by Jack and Tom Hudson

Director/animator/illustrator Jack Hudson in London: “Inspired by extended daydreams that run into night, Subconscious Drool invites you to quiet the noise of your mind and sink into a mesmerizing subliminal world.” [Read more]

Sander Joon Animated Short Film Sierra trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Sander Joon Drops Wonderfully Manic Trailer for Animated Short Film “Sierra”

Director/animator Sander Joon in Tallinn, Estonia: “Parents often push their children to follow their steps. In this case, a father’s obsession with the rally turns his kid into a car tire. Loosely inspired by my childhood, Sierra pulls us into the surreal car racing world. [Read more]

Jake Wegesin Ambient Press The Ultimate Space Race | STASH MAGAZINE

Jake Wegesin Launches New Studio Ambient Press with “The Ultimate Space Race” Short Film

Director Jake Wegesin and his brand new animation studio Ambient Press just dropped this fabulous in-house short film, a comedic look at details and characters of the historic USA/USSR space race from 1955 to 1969. [Read more]

The Story of a Fisherman by Szu-Yu Hou | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Story of a Fisherman” Activist Film by Szu-Yu Hou

London-based Taiwanese director/animator Szu-Yu Hou: “This film is produced as part of a research project looking at the impact of Covid-19 on the most vulnerable communities, including migrant workers and survivors of trafficking.” [Read more]

Elyse Kelly launches Neon Zoo studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Elyse Kelly Launches Neon Zoo Studio with “The Greatest Poem” Short Film

Director Elyse Kelly, who’s Fired Up short film still resonates five years on, marks the launch of her studio by gathering 20 animators for a collaborative love letter to the diversity of America called “The Greatest Poem”. [Read more]