Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 143 Lands with a Bang!

The Stash Permanent Collection continues to expand with STASH 143 adding another 31 outstanding motion projects plus behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews. Check the two-minute preview to see the new inductees. [Read more]

Adult Swim IN_BOX short film by Michael Marczewski | STASH MAGAZINE

Adult Swim Smalls “IN_BOX” by Michael Marczewski

The Adult Swim Smalls series of short films continue to generate smiles with off-kilter motion experiments like this low-key comic treat from director/animator Michael Marczewski in London. [Read more]

Senseless short Film by David Zamorano | STASH MAGAZINE

“Senseless” Short Film by David Zamorano

Director/motion designer David Zamorano in London: “‘Senseless’ is an anti-war film inspired by various events in history and the story of Hiro Onoda, a Japanese soldier who kept fighting WWII alone on a Pacific island for 29 years after the war ended. [Read more]

Flow short film by Twistedpoly | STASH MAGAZINE

Bikes Meet Biology in “Flow” Short Film by Twistedpoly

Slovenian digital artist Twistedpoly (aka Nejc Polovsak) teams with LA composer and sound designer White Noise Lab for his latest personal CG project, a taut and vivid expedition into the surreal called “Flow”. [Read more]

dERIVATIVE short film by Denis Kozlov | STASH MAGAZINE

“dERIVATIVE” Short Film by Denis Kozlov

Veteran CG/VFX artist Denis Kozlov in Prague, Czech Republic: “Happy to finally introduce my newest film dERIVATIVE! All pixels crafted from scratch in Houdini and Fusion by yours truly. [Read more]

Eternal Installations short film by Andreas Wannerstedt | STASH MAGAZINE

“Eternal Installations” Short Film by Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt, art director and motion designer in Stockholm: “This is a surreal journey through a series of dreamlike environments, where large-scale art installations are stretching the boundaries of physical laws. [Read more]