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Animation Director Melanie Krein Joins the Not To Scale Roster

From the release:

Animation Director Melanie Krein, a long-time collaborator with Not To Scale has joined their roster for representation.
A Director and Illustrator, driven with a passion for telling charming stories and breathing life into every world that she helps to create. Melanie uses bold designs to create animated worlds that are characterized by emotive storytelling and clear communication.

Melanie has a special ability to take any content or brand’s message and elevate it to help make it visually engaging. This is especially pertinent to the world of business where Brands or Organisations often need to tell a story for customers, other businesses, or internally, that impart lots of information in a way that needs to be distilled with panache and style. She has worked with clients like Tommy Hilfiger, McDonald’s, CBBC, and Deloitte.

Mel has just finished directing her first film as a rostered Director with Not To Scale for West Coast-based Promethean, a technology business company focused on making state-of-the-art interactive screens for education. Up against a tough schedule we designed animated and completed the 2D hand-drawn spot in a rapid four weeks and the Agency and Client were thrilled with the outcome.

“I loved the challenge of coming up with an illustration- and animation-style that fits perfectly with Promethean’s most recent brand overhaul. It was especially fun to bring the charming characters to life using cell animation and let them guide us through the brand’s story and how their products can help to
enhance the learning process for everybody.” Melanie Krien

“I’m delighted that Not To Scale will be working more with Mel, she has an enviable ability to sweat the small stuff, often breaking down tricky information so that it can be disseminated in a thoughtful and engaging way.
“Our clients love working with her, as do our producers and regular animation crew, and of course it’s also wonderful for Not To Scale to be able to add another female Director onto our roster.” Daniel O’Rourke