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Blinkink Signs Stop Motion Duo Andy & Adeena

From the release:

Andy Biddle and Adeena Grubb are stars in our stop motion team. Having worked together on various projects with Blinkink in the last few years, their budding friendship blossomed in March 2020 as the UK went into its first lockdown.

All their jobs were canceled and eager to keep their creative juices flowing, they joined forces to create a film for Easter. Adeena began the process by making the models in her bedroom before sending them to Andy to animate in his bedroom. The film, Little Hoppy Horror, was released remotely to great reception.

Apart from being Wes Anderson’s favorite animator and often working with award-winning film studios such as Aardman and Laika, Andy Biddle has been the lead character animator on pretty much every Blinkink stop motion film since 2010. Check out Andy’s animation reel here.

Meanwhile, Adeena Grubb has been creating amazing hand-crafted works and hilarious films over the last couple of years. Her talents make her one of the most sought-after miniature model and puppet makers in London.

Together Andy and Adeena are a mighty dream team of craft and creativity. Using a range of different textures and materials, they create loveable characters with handcrafted techniques.

On joining Blinkink, Andy & Adeena said: “It’s a real honor to officially be part of the family. We never would’ve thought that when we decided to make a little Easter animation during the first lockdown (purely for fun), that it would lead to us being signed by Blinkink. It’s a company we have both hugely admired and worked with for many years now.”

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