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CANTEEN Expands Tabletop Talents With CG Specialists Supersensory

From the release:

Los Angeles-based tabletop studio, CANTEEN, has signed the directing collective supersensory, pioneering new territory beyond traditional live-action tabletop production. Supersensory is a multi-disciplinary team composed of taste-appeal and filmmaking experts – all turned digital – creating photo-real CGI spots.

Like live-action workflow, the food stylists at supersensory will cook, bake, pour, and otherwise prep the best version of the product at hand. The practically-styled product is then ingested using a proprietary 3D scanner. Once digitized, the team works with live-action directors and cinematographers to light, animate, and design camera movements which can be executed in real-time with remote brand/agency supervision.

CANTEEN Partner & Director Erik Dettle notes: “We believe the tabletop landscape is changing and we’ve been committed to bridging the gaps between what has worked in the past, what works now, and future solutions. Combining the best of live-action and CGI practices allows us to provide flexibility and complete creative control.”

Canteen Founder & EP, Elyse Sara notes: “We’re seeing more clients looking for efficient solutions that don’t sacrifice taste appeal; it’s imperative that we provide solutions that hit both asks, while allowing for limitless adaptability and sustainability. The addition of supersensory aligns with our vision for the future of tabletop.”

Some of supersensory’s previous clients include Kinder, Ferrero Rocher, Coca-Cola, and Bombay Sapphire.