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Crankbunny joins IAMSTATIC as director / animator and illustrator

From the release:

Widely known under her moniker Crankbunny, Norma V. Toraya has created an impressive portfolio
that includes commercial spots, TV intros, music videos and documentary films for Nike,
ING, Nestle, Darkhorse, Holt Renfrew, the band Rush, Etsy, W Network, MuchMusic, United
Airlines and other similar lovely folks.

Toraya’s animated short “Animals Will Leave Us First” is part of the Museum of Modern Art
New York permanent collection, and her impressive mechanical paper puppets and
beautifully illustrated handmade goods are on display on her site
Toraya, a long time collaborator with IAS has recently teamed up on a campaign for JTW /

The project is a great example of how their individual styles can blend together.
The work of IAMSTATIC duo Dave Greene and Ron Gervais leans towards the darker
cinematic end of things. Their recent title sequence work for Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson
Peak is an example of the style they are best know for. But in the mind of the team,
Toraya’s approach is the perfect compliment to their own.

“Norma shares our love for narrative. It’s exciting to work with such a talented artist whose
style and process is different from ours, but yet wants push for the the same result of
creating work that can tell a tale and hopefully leave an lasting impression,” said Ron

Some things in life are slick, polished & blatantly obvious. But for Norma V. Toraya, these
are exactly the things she shies away from. Crankbunny is more inclined to explore
storytelling through curiosity & timeless concepts.

In Toraya’s words: “I have gone to big fancy schools for years and years of fine arts / film /
animation studies yet in the famous words of a few old men, “I’d rather be fishing.”