IAMSTATIC Director Matthew Kalinauskas | STASH MAGAZINE

IAMSTATIC Strengthens 2D Animation Roster with Director Matthew Kalinauskas

Matthew Kalinauskas, aka Bellzon, is an animation director, 2D animator, and illustrator who learned to animate on paper, mostly because that’s how Bambi animators did it. (He swears he’s not as old as that sounds.) [Read more]


Breezy TFO “Idello” Spot Takes Flight with IAMSTATIC

Working thru Toronto motion house IAMSTATIC, animation director Matt Kalinauskas brings a soft and comfortable look to this feel-good spot for TFO’s Idello, a Francophone educational learning platform for Ontario’s teachers and students. [Read more]

IAMSTATIC executive producer Andria Minott | STASH MAGAZINE

Andria Minott Joins IAMSTATIC as Executive Producer

“As we reach new creative heights, we are excited to leverage her many years of experience as executive producer in live-action, post and animation production. We already love working with Andria, as she combines all that knowledge and experience with her signature grace and style”, Ron & Dave. [Read more]

Stash 133 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 133: Two More Hours of Amazing

Banish the mid-winter blahs with a shot of pure inspiration: Stash 133 delivers another 31 outstanding design, animation, and VFX projects plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews. [Read more]

Ron Gervais and Dave Greene IAMSTATIC | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Welcomes IAMSTATIC to the Roster

Jungler Welcomes IAMSTATIC to the Roster [Read more]

RGC "Take the Reins" animated commercial IAMSTATIC | STASH MAGAZINE

RGC “Take the Reins” by IAMSTATIC

Atmospheric and wonderfully detailed integration of 2D animation into a full CG spot from CDs Ron Gervais, Dave Greene, and the IAMSTATIC crew in Toronto for The Responsible Gambling Council, a non-profit dedicated to problem gambling prevention. [Read more]