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Creative Codex Helps Define Motion Design for Young Talent

From the release:

Inclusive motion design studio, BIEN, alongside a united band of industry-leading studios and artists, has unveiled a new resource and initiative, Creative Codex. Pooling together collective knowledge, the community-led site aims to empower the next generation with valuable teachings on the foundations of the motion design industry.

Creative Codex pools together collective knowledge from BIEN, Sibling Rivalry, Cream, Dash, Laundry, OK Motion Club, Polyester, Rezonate, Sarofsky, Sense 6, Spillt, and more.

Hung Le, Creative Director at BIEN comments: “Have you ever wished there was a site where we can define all things motion as one source of truth, where we can all reference and improve collaboration? Imagine a world where studios, agencies, freelancers, and clients all speak the same language, or at the very least, have a pocket translator to talk to one another. This was the spark that led to the Creative Codex, a community-led initiative that a number of studios and individuals are banding together to get off the ground. This massive effort will require a lot of passionate contributors to make it a reality, but we believe the effort will be well worth it.”

BIEN is joined in the effort by an early group of contributors: educators (Austin Shaw), studios (Sibling Rivalry, Cream, Dash, Laundry, OK Motion Club, Polyester, Rezonate, Sarofsky, Sense 6, Spillt), music/sound design studios (Box of Toys, The Chicken), creative consultants (Joel Pilger), and individuals (James Ramirez, Taylor Yontz, Justin Cone, Desmond Du). The site will encompass any and all things motion design, allowing users to quickly find definitions for motion design terms, along with processes and background information.

Amanda Russell, Creative Director at Cream, says: “We’re working hard to improve our industry by creating a common lexicon that describes all aspects of motion design. From process phases to final execution, this will be the gold standard reference point that our community has needed for way too long.”

Designed to eliminate friction and clear up doubts that come from a lack of transparency in the industry, Creative Codex levels out the playing field for any and all to jump into motion design, with hopes of expanding to include live-action.

Austin Shaw, renowned author and educator in the motion space adds, “This will be a fantastic resource for students in school, creative professionals looking to transition into motion, and design educators looking to integrate motion into their classes. A platform that contains historical information, key terminology, and a pulse on industry trends can serve to unify the many disciplines of motion design.”

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