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Dash Studio and Demo Duck Expand Motion Mentorship Program for Emerging Creatives

From the release:

Dash Studio and Demo Duck are welcoming applicants for the Motion Mentorship Program, an opportunity for tutorage, advice, and building connections for underrepresented young artists in the Motion Design Industry. Dash launched the mentorship program in 2022, and is welcoming Demo Duck to help expand the program’s reach, expertise and perspective.

“From the moment of dash’s inception we’ve always believed in the power of creativity and community,” said Mack Garrison, dash’s Co-Founder and Director of Content. “This mentorship program will help make connections for the next generation of creatives. And with the help of our friends at Demo Duck, we can expand our impact!”

Dash and Demo Duck team members have crossed professional paths a few times over the years, and finally got to connect in-person at dash’s animation and motion design festival The Dash Bash. The teams both share similar passions for helping prepare a new generation of artists in the space.

“Although dash and Demo Duck play in a similar sandbox, our team members all have a variety of unique experiences, skill sets and teaching methods,” said Colin Hogan, Demo Duck’s Managing Director. “We’re grateful that dash brought us into the fold and we can help build the Mentorship Program for years to come.”

Eligibility is open to self-identified underrepresented individuals pursuing a career in the motion design industry, in respect to gender, race, sexual orientation, mental health, ability, religion, education, socio-economic status, age, and more.

The Mentorship program is a 6-month, online-only program that will start in February 2024. Each mentee will be assigned a mentor from either Demo Duck or dash to be a creative resource for questions, connections, portfolio feedback and more. Although it’s currently only available to US-based participants, dash and Demo Duck hope to grow this to become an international program. The Mentorship Program is not a formal internship program.

Applicants can learn more about the program and apply at the official website https://www.themotionmentorship.com/