Dash-and-Demo-Duck-Motion-Mentorship | STASH MAGAZINE

Dash Studio and Demo Duck Expand Motion Mentorship Program for Emerging Creatives

From the release: Dash Studio and Demo Duck are welcoming applicants for the Motion Mentorship Program, an opportunity for tutorage, advice, and building connections for underrepresented young artists in the Motion Design Industry. [Watch]

Demo Duck Finger Paintings 826CHI | STASH MAGAZINE

Demo Duck Animates Isabela’s “Finger Paintings” for 826CHI

Producer Jarrett Hothan at Demo Duck in Chicago: “We specialize in animation and over the years we have often partnered with local nonprofits, producing pro bono projects to help them further their mission.” [Watch]

USA for UNHCR "Abdallah’s Refugee Story" by Demo Duck | STASH MAGAZINE

USA for UNHCR “Abdallah’s Refugee Story” by Demo Duck

Producer Katie Johnston-Smith at Demo Duck in Chicago: “We had the honor of bringing a young refugee’s story to life for World Refugee Day 2021. Meet Abdallah, an EMT on the frontlines of the pandemic who was resettled in the U.S. as a teen. [Watch]

826CHI She’Cago Demo Duck | STASH MAGAZINE

“She’Cago” by Izzy and Demo Duck for 826CHI

Chicago prodco Demo Duck donates their talents to bring an urban teen’s poem to life for 826CHI, a hometown non-profit creative writing, tutoring, and publishing center dedicated to amplifying the voices of the city’s youth. [Watch]

Terrible, Thanks For Asking Animated Podcast Intro Demo Duck.com | STASH MAGAZINE

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” Intro by Demo Duck

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” animated podcast intro by Demo Duck [Watch]