Director Bee Grandinetti signs with Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Bee Grandinetti Joins Hornet Roster

From the release:

It’s with great pleasure and privilege Hornet announces the official launch of Bee Grandinetti as a Hornet director.

If you don’t already know Bee, you likely will soon enough. As a person, she’s infectiously warm and welcoming. Her bubbly demeanor and tireless work ethic have earned her only friends in this industry—and plenty of them at that.

As a director, Bee possesses a style that’s equally inviting. From playful loops for Snapchat, to highly considered educational videos about AIDS for Vallourec, to her bold unapologetic breakout brand film for Annovera, her work has a range that’s as diverse as it is representative of her personality. Both are upbeat, optimistic, worldly, sophisticated, and fiercely independent.

In her own words, “I would get so bored having to do the same style over and over again. I love to explore new techniques, and I very much believe form should follow function. It’s about finding the right approach and tone for whatever message needs to be conveyed.”

Bee grew up in Brazil. She studied in Stockholm, then lived in London. She now lives in Stockholm again. In life and in work, she’s not afraid to dig in deep and live and breathe the details. This equips her with an expansive worldview and an ability to convey a wide variety of messages. As Hornet Managing Director Hana Shimizu says, “Connection is so important to her.”

Connection is part of why she co-founded Panimation—a community of more than 5,000 women, trans, and non-binary folks working within animation and motion graphics. Establishing human connections for herself and for these people all across the globe, while simultaneously promoting more equal gender representation, is exactly the kind of creative endeavor that invigorates her the most.

One final must-mention about Bee’s work is the insuppressible positivity that pulls through in every project. Even for subjects as heavy as AIDS or global warming, there’s something always tastefully uplifting. We at Hornet are thrilled to be daily exposed to this positivity, and we can’t wait to create with her for years to come.