UNIL Sexism and Sexual Harassment Explainer Outfits.studio | STASH MAGAZINE

UNIL “Sexism and Sexual Harassment” Explainer by Outfits.studio

Elisa Ciocca, lead motion designer at Outfits.studio, Lausanne, Switzerland: “With this motion design piece, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) takes a firm stand: discrimination of any kind is never OK. [Watch]

Bee Grandinetti Loops "Browndages" for Google + International Small Business Week | STASH MAGAZINE

Bee Grandinetti Loops “Browndages” for Google and International Small Business Week

Hornet director Bee Grandinetti: “I was very lucky to receive the coolest brief from Google to create an animated loop to go along with this jingle by Black Thought to help promote Browndages – a small business making inclusive bandages. [Watch]

Crypto Art Questions? Bee Grandinetti has the Answers | STASH MAGAZINE

Crypto Art Questions? Bee Grandinetti has the Answers

Confused by NFTs and #cryptoart? UK director/animator Bee Grandinetti feels your pain, looks into the problem and provides her conclusion in this bite-sized morsel of animated fun. [Watch]

Director Bee Grandinetti signs with Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Bee Grandinetti Joins Hornet Roster

From the release: It’s with great pleasure and privilege Hornet announces the official launch of Bee Grandinetti as a Hornet director. [Watch]

Watch All Nine “iPhone People Talking Pixel” Films

Google Creative Lab and Anyways Creative in London commission nine animators to each create a fun pop vox film based on the real-life experiences of seasoned iPhone users trying out Google’s Pixel 2 phone. [Watch]