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Director Olivier Staphylas Joins Passion Paris Roster

From the release:

Passion Paris is delighted to welcome Olivier Staphylas as one of our artists and directors.

We were immediately seduced by his first work as a director on “Love Louder”, a vibrant music video delivering a healthy dose of good vibes and top-notch animation. This animated gem directed for The Meeps, with already 60 million views on YouTube, illustrates Olivier’s ability to focus on staging and character animation that embarks the viewer on a visual rollercoaster ride.

“I wanted to infuse the feeling that those characters grabbed a camera and filmed in a back alley, to make them alive, appealing, and entertaining with a huge amount of energy, bringing a man-made feeling, for example adding cuts not perfectly lined up on purpose.” explains the artist.

Before getting his hands on directing, Olivier Staphylas worked as animation supervisor on many large-scale feature films at DreamWorks Animation and more recently as head of character animation on Penguins of Madagascar.

Olivier is now eager to combine the many skills he developed as a technician to bolster his direction emphasizing on characters and storytelling with a hint of live action qualities: “I’m also very sensitive to the specifics of live action, that I absolutely want to infuse into my projects, like Arcane or Spider-Verse, which are not limited to the fact that they’re animation: for example the camera work, the lenses, the imperfections and sophistication of live action… I want to combine the best of both worlds into my films.”

With Love Louder Olivier Staphylas, Olivier confirms his ambition to dedicate his time to directing – and to explore new horizons on commercial films!

“To summarize what I like about ads: they’re a bit like movie trailers, driven by the music, with a visual to back it all up and I can’t wait to get my hands on my first commercial project with Passion!” says Olivier Staphylas.

“We’re thrilled to sign Olivier Staphylas at Passion Paris! His sense of comedy and love of characters are a perfect match with our DNA. There’s a real demand on the market for freshness and boldness, and Olivier has a lot to offer when it comes to elevating animation by bringing something new to the table. Get ready, we’re going to surprise you!” Marion Vermogen – EP at Passion Paris