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Best of Stash 2023: Music Videos!

Music videos published in the The Stash Permanent Collection will always value the director’s design/animation/VFX craft over the popularity of the performer, which makes our year-end list refreshingly different than most. [Watch]

Olivier Staphylas Passion Paris | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Olivier Staphylas Joins Passion Paris Roster

From the release: Passion Paris is delighted to welcome Olivier Staphylas as one of our artists and directors. We were immediately seduced by his first work as a director on “Love Louder”, a vibrant music video delivering a healthy dose of good vibes and top-notch animation. This animated gem directed for The Meeps, with already […] [Watch]

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Sandor Waiss Memories Music Video Juan Pablo Machado Passion Paris | STASH MAGAZINE

Juan Pablo Machado Transports Us into the “Memories” of Sandór Waïss in New Music Video

Freshly signed to the director roster at Passion Paris, Colombian animator/character designer Juan Pablo Machado channels his favorite manga artists in this music video fantasy for French producer/musician Sandór Waïss. [Watch]

Stash issue 156 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Warframe Ascension Day Game Trailer David Pagaille Passion Paris | STASH MAGAZINE

Warframe “Ascension Day” Game Trailer by David Pagaille and Passion Paris

Director David Pagaille and the 2D animation team at Passion Paris spent a full year crafting this energized 5 1/2-minute trailer/short film for the launch of the latest edition of Warframe, Digital Extremes’ free-to-play sci-fi game. [Watch]