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Directors Benoit Leva and Clim Join the Roster at Troublemakers

From the Troublemakers press release:

Benoit Leva is a French artist who studied in Paris as a designer, then was hired as an art director at a television channel in the French capital. His love for stop-motion began five years ago, when he felt he needed to get away from the screen, and he didn’t want to spend entire days behind his desk.

Originally he started experimenting with paper shapes in his work, which he then replaced with other organic and natural basic elements. Today, he is working for several prestigious brands including Hermès, Prada, Perrier, and Evian which give him carte blanche to create films.

Clim is an international award-winning artist. His work is conceptual, vibrant, and joyful. His design-thinking approach brings idea and simplicity to the core of his focus. Creativity, storytelling, design, and animation are his tools to help his clients not only succeed but excel in their communication goals.

He helps brands navigate toward finding their voice by focusing mainly but not only on digitally-consumed content for luxury brands, tech, art, and design industries. He understands style as a visual reaction to an idea, coming directly from analyzing carefully each of the projects and final goals. This is what allows him to find a unique aesthetic response that speaks directly to the client’s audience.