Roman-Veiga Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Roman Veiga Joins Troublemakers’ Roster

From the release: Roman Veiga is a writer-director who likes to mix techniques such as stop-motion, 3D animation, and live action. His passion for comics and current affairs has led him to delve into the world of fantastical concepts, with a thematic focus on realistic issues. [Watch]

Peter-Slutska Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZIINE

Peter Sluszka Joins Troublemakers

From the release: Peter Sluszka is a talented director and animator renowned for his multi-media mastery and stop-motion expertise. [Watch]

Le-Cube-Sign-with-Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZINE

Le Cube Signs With Paris Prodco Troublemakers

From the release: Le Cube is a multi-award-winning design and animation studio renowned for its imaginative worlds, action-packed camera movements and mesmerizing transitions. Their characters and stories are sharp, fluid and undeniably breathtaking. [Watch]

Director Kirk-Hendry joins Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZINE

Animation Director Kirk Hendry Joins Troublemakers

From the release: We are delighted to welcome the talented director to our team. Kirk Hendry is an award-winning animation director renowned for his transportative and enchanting work. [Watch]

Sarah-Beth-Morgan-Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZINE

Sarah Beth Morgan Joins the Roster at Paris Prodco Troublemakers

From the release: Troublemakers is very proud to welcome the talented director and illustrator Sarah Beth Morgan to the team. [Watch]

Clim-Benoit-Leva-Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZINE

Directors Benoit Leva and Clim Join the Roster at Troublemakers

Paris production company Troublemakers signs Danimated film drectors Benoit Leva and Clim to their talent roster. [Watch]