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From the release:

FLEX Creative, a creative services agency specializing in the design and production of promotional and in-show content for broadcast television, cable and streaming industry clients, has acquired SuchAGoodDog, the Emmy-nominated marketing, promotions, and production company. The acquisition brings new clients Fox, ABC, Freeform and Reelz Network to FLEX.

The announcement was made jointly today by Peter Martin, Founder/Chief Creative Director, FLEX Creative, and Steve Silverman, Founder/Chief Creative Director, Such A Good Dog.

Silverman, an award winning, critically acclaimed writer, producer and director of high profile marketing campaigns for television series, specials and movies, is now Vice President of Marketing and Creative for FLEX Creative. He has worked on creative marketing campaigns for such high profile television projects as “Empire,” Fox’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Gotham,” “American Idol,” “Baby Daddy,” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” The World Series, and many others.

Silverman is also considered a leader within the independent web series community, having produced the shows “Pretty,” “The Inn,” and “Winterthorne” among his high profile online projects.

“We are actively in expansion mode, and we are thrilled to have Steve’s creative chops here now at FLEX,” said Mr. Martin, “We are especially excited about what Steve brings to the table in the area of original content. One of our goals for FLEX Creative in the coming year is to begin to regularly create and produce online and linear content. Steve’s the right guy for the job.”

Adds Mr. Silverman, “I am thrilled to be working with my longtime friend Peter Martin and the terrific team he’s brought together at FLEX. As the world of original content continues to grow, there are so many new areas to explore. I can’t wait to see where we go next, and I’m excited to help FLEX lead the way.”