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Forever and Tendril Accelerate Growth With Appointment of Two New Roles

From the release:

The creative think tank Forever — a new collaboration between industry-leading design studios Tendril and FutureDeluxe — has propelled its talent-centric growth strategy forward by appointing two newly created positions.

Acknowledging the role of exceptional individuals in driving client innovation, Forever recently reinforced its commitment to nurturing talent and cultivating a dynamic work environment with the appointment of Amanda Westerhout as Global Head of People and Culture, whilst Tendril snatched up distinguished producer-coach Emma Willis as Managing Director.

“Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for production is a galvanizing force,” said Kate Bate, Co-founder and COO of Forever. “She has such a clear and compelling vision of Tendril’s value and the value of creative production for clients full stop – she will be an invaluable partner and champion for our team”

Emma brings over 15 years of experience in creative production and strategy, having previously held leadership roles at companies such as UNIT9, Rehab Agency, makemepulse, and The Economist Group. Before joining Tendril, Emma co-founded Art of Production, a training company that focuses on elevating and defining the creative producer’s role within the ad industry through skills training and coaching focused on creative production. In her new role, Emma will spearhead Tendril’s growth by closely coaching the company’s all-female executive producer team to develop and deepen relationships with new and existing clients.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be joining Tendril,” said Emma. “Every creative company claims to have and value a unique process, but for most, production is just a means to an end [realization of the idea]. At Tendril, the team is as obsessed and deliberate about the act and art of production as I am and hold it intrinsically valuable in a way I’ve rarely experienced. It’s a perfect alignment of values.”

In addition, Forever is pleased to promote Amanda Westerhout to Global Head of People and Culture. Initially joining Tendril as their first Talent Manager in 2018, she focused on curating a global team of talented individuals and creating programs to promote and support their career growth. In her new role, Amanda oversees every employee’s journey within Forever, including talent acquisition, personal development and growth, etc.

“I am truly excited to embrace this new opportunity,” said Amanda. “I have always aimed to cultivate a culture that harnesses the power of each person’s unique strengths. This new role will allow me to participate in that collaboration even further by bringing global talent together that is as diverse as the clients we serve.”

“We are excited to promote Amanda to this critical role in our organization,” said James Callahan, CEO of Forever. “Her deep experience working with talent across production teams and her passion for creating a supportive and inclusive work environment will be instrumental in helping us attract and retain the best talent as we continue to grow our business.”