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FutureDeluxe and Tendril Join Forces to Launch Forever

From the release:

London-based FutureDeluxe is coming together with Canada-based Tendril to co-invest in a new organization called Forever: a global design offering that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What does this mean for international brand partnerships? Forever’s new venture promises to broaden global offerings by bridging the roster of talent from both studios, across offices in the U.S., UK, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

The two companies will continue to work independently and contribute their unique creative voices to the marketplace under their respective banners, but will aggregate curated teams to scale fluently as new opportunities arise.

Forever is the result of both companies’ belief in a need to design a new future-focused platform for growth that would allow the most creative minds to work together to achieve results that would not have been otherwise possible. The collective will have a focus on industry-leading design, moving image, and emerging technology.

Forever’s co-founders are quick to point out their mission is as much about creating a dynamic new business model as it is about cultivating a unique network of amazing humans. The goal is to foster an ecosystem of passionate studios and attract a community of like-minded clients.

Tendril & Forever’s COO, Kate Bate: “Forever will bridge the talent and vision of our studios, bringing together a brain trust that will think about and execute on innovation in design, technology, and moving image, with a particular focus on empowering our people and creating an open-minded, sustainable workplace that is future-facing.”