Giant Ant for Spotify Pride

Giant Ant: “We’re honored to have worked with Spotify to commemorate Pride Month. This series highlights some of the most important milestones in the LGBTQ movement, from the Reagan Era to Gavin Grimm.

“Taking cues from their chosen illustration aesthetic, we teamed up and hunkered down to create these fun and informative videos that will live within their curated Pride Playlists. We’re super #proud of these little pieces and encourage you to share the message!”

Client: Spotify
Directed by Giant Ant
Head of Production: Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Producer: Cory Philpott
Art Direction & Illustration: Rafael Mayani
Animation Direction: Conor Whelan
Animation: Conor Whelan, Taylor Peters, Junyi Xiao, Jay Grandin, Matt James, Anne-Lou Graoww