Obsessive About Octopuses book teaser | STASH MAGAZINE

“Obsessive About Octopuses” Book Teaser by Persistent Peril

Sam Bourner, producer at UK motion studio Persistent Peril: “This is a short animated book teaser to promote Owen Davey’s ‘Obsessive About Octopuses’ for Flying Eye Books. [Read more]

Stay At Home: A Little Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Life During Lockdown with the Family

UK motion designer, animator, and director Ryan Brotherston captures animated snapshots of the new routines that have emerged under life in lockdown with his young family in London. [Read more]

The Pantheon short film by Han Yang | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Pantheon” Short film by Han Yang

After a year in production, Vancouver 3D generalist Han Yang (whose credits include Aquaman, Logan, and Star Trek: Discovery) just released his new personal film, an ambitious action/fantasy sequence full of dynamic camera work called The Pantheon. [Read more]

Stay Home Stay Positive BT BUDA | STASH MAGAZINE

@stayhomestaypositive (on Your Digital Balcony)

The crew at Buenos Aires animation studio Buda teams with motion designer Gabriel Murgue (aka Motion Appétit!) in an open call to artists, animators, illustrators, and designers to help “bring the world closer together, regardless of distance.” [Read more]

Courtney Tulloch typefaces by Jones Knowles Ritchie | STASH MAGAZINE

Tulloch One and Tulloch Two Typefaces by Jones Knowles Ritchie

From the Jones Knowles Ritchie studio in London: “Courtney Tulloch does things other gymnasts can’t. The proof? He’s got two moves named after him (T1 and T2, if you’re asking). He pushes his body to the limits. And it’s made him a champion. [Read more]

The Telescope MTV Artist Ident by Matthieu Braccini | STASH MAGAZINE

MTV “The Telescope” Ident by Matthieu Braccini (Director’s Cut)

Motion designer Matthieu Braccini in Paris: “I had the awesome opportunity to be commissioned by MTV to make video, free in terms concept and artistic direction. [Read more]