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Hornet Signs Reece Parker to Director Roster

From the release:

Hornet is delighted to welcome Reece Parker to our director roster.

Reece is a director and illustrator with a robust portfolio and a refreshingly unique perspective. Completely self-taught, with a virtuosic mastery of motion graphics and 2D animation, Reece isn’t your typical animation director. He’s a disciple of the do-it-yourself dogma. A rebel. A renegade. An innovative breaker of rules.

 “I’m the guy that didn’t go to animation school,” says Reece. “I barely graduated high school. I would fail math tests, then flip them over and draw my teacher on the back. I didn’t understand that there were creative careers that were achievable; it was all so mystical to a suburban kid. But I loved to draw and was an illustrator at heart.”
Reece Parker

Reece grew up drawing and animating on sketchbooks and math tests. A self-taught creator who learned graphic and motion design through an unexpected internship, turned dynamic director and illustrator creating engrossing work for global brands.

This circuitous background isn’t simply impressive for impressive’s sake. It’s a hallmark of who he is as an artist. According to Hornet’s Head of Creative Development, Kristin Labriola, “Reece just makes it happen the way he wants to make it happen. He doesn’t abide by traditional rules and so he’s not restricted by them. As a result, there’s an interesting way that his work moves. It has such a unique look and feel.”

 Of course, Reece himself would likely cringe at such compliments. Because underpinning his ridiculous raw natural talent and unrivaled work ethic is an unshakable humility. In other words, Reece prefers to let his work do the talking. And talk, it does.

From hand-drawn, painterly animations to seriously engrossing motion graphics, there’s something unconventional, almost unadulterated about his style. “Refined scribbling” is how he coins it. But even that falls short in capturing the breadth and depth of both his past work and his miles-high potential. In short, any attempt to pigeonhole Reece’s style into one neatly defined box would be a lesson in futility.

 “I think my expertise ranges. I love all things 2D. My origins are different from where my skills are now. I can be friendly and corporate. But when I’m allowed to be more ‘Reece’ it’s a little grittier, more saturated, hand-drawn, reminiscent of my early scribbling origins. Some artists only like to pursue what they like. I like it all.”

 With Hornet, Reece is excited about what he feels is the next natural evolution of his craft.

 “In the last year or two, I’ve focused on projects that give me more creative responsibility. Mostly that means directing, art directing, immersing myself with a team, and leading them in some capacity. What’s exciting about partnering with Hornet is that it provides me access to a voice I’m not capable of capturing on my own. Not to mention, the team is awesome, with some truly great artists.”

At the end of the day, Reece Parker is a great director because—frankly—it’s his calling.

 “I love what I do. I’m really, really obsessed with it. Something unique about me is that I didn’t fall in love with film and then end up here. I fell in love with THIS. Exactly this. And I want to do this forever.”

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