Battle Axe "Timelord" Promo Video by Reece Parker | STASH MAGAZINE

Battle Axe “Timelord” Promo Video by Reece Parker

Director/illustrator/animator Reece Parker in Seattle: “Adam Plouff from Battle Axe originally enlisted me to test an early beta version of his new tool Timelord, the successor to his widely popular Overlord.” [Read more]

Microsoft Alt "Emily’s Story (Directors Cut)" by Reece Parker | STASH MAGAZINE

Microsoft Alt “Emily’s Story (Directors Cut)” by Reece Parker and Trifilm

Animation director/illustrator Reece Parker in Seattle: “I was approached again by Trifilm to direct an animated portion of their new film in the Microsoft Alt series – this time examining an experimental cancer treatment made possible through AI technology.” [Read more]

Microsoft The Future from an Alternate Perspective | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Future from an Alternate Perspective” Explainer

Any five-minute deep-dive into the complexities of AI risks becoming a snooze-fest but Seattle animation director/illustrator Reece Parker and the Trifilm crew keep this film for Microsoft engaging with an array of animation techniques. [Read more]