“IDEO and a Story of Design” by Dress Code

From Dress Code: “A look behind the curtain at IDEO, the global design firm, who for 40 years (and counting) has changed the way we think about design.”
IDEO and a Story of Design by Dress Code | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: IDEO

Production: Dress Code
Director: Dan Covert
Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein
Head of Post Production & Operations: Tara Rose Stromberg
Head of Production: Amy Dempsey
Producer: Sheree Shu
Production Manager: Cheng Liu
Cinematography: Joe Victorine
Additional Cinematography: Jon Hokanson
Editor: Dan Covert
Assistant Editor: Nick Stromberg
Art Director: Elena Chudoba
Design: Elena Chudoba, Brooke Bamford, Rasmus Löwenbrååt
Animation: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Color: Daniel Orentlicher
Archival Research: Ricard Kroll
Production Coordinator: Jonathan Dontchev

Music + Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Location Sound: Matteo Liberatore, Donny Tam

Photos: Dirk Ahlgrim, Dennis Boyle, Tiffany Knight, IDEO