MSI Suprim Liquid Series Product Film by Taiwan Studios COMPUTERFACE and MULTI

From the CG team at MULTI studio in Taiwan: “This project is a promotional video for the water-cooled MSI Suprim Liquid Series GPU. We Use simple backgrounds and pure elements to highlight the craftsmanship of the product and then use exquisite sweeping shots to bring out the high-cold quality. [Watch]

Sharjah Book Authority Best Seller Maged Nassar | STASH MAGAZINE

Maged Nassar Defines “Best Seller” for Sharjah Book Authority

Egyptian director/CD Maged Nassar, whose signature brand of commercial chaos is on full display in his motion work Stash covered here and here, is back with a dynamic black-and-white flow for the Sharjah Book Authority. [Watch]

Steelworks The Sleeping Beauty NYC Ballet | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Helps “The Sleeping Beauty” Bloom for NYC Ballet

Deploying a series of CG floral metaphors, the design and animation team at Steelworks conjures an enchanting promo film for the NYC Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty. [Watch]

Kobi Vogman Wordtune Spices Stop Motion | STASH MAGAZINE

Kobi Vogman “Spices” Up Wordtune With Stop-Motion

Director Kobi Vogman in Israel: “When the client first approached me to direct a product video for Wordtune, they wanted the main character to be an old analog typewriter, and they also wanted to make an ‘adorable’ video.” [Watch]

Tendril Brand Refresh | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Celebrates 10 Years with Brand Refresh

After 10 years of working their way onto the top tier of the 3D motion food chain, the team at Tendril rethinks the studio’s branding and find themselves moving forward with a smart and tasteful design evolution. [Watch]

LAMY Logo M+ Special Edition Buro Achter April | STASH MAGAZINE

LAMY Logo M+ Special Edition Product Film by Buro Achter April

Director Michael Fragstein and his Stuttgart studio Büro Achter April continue their creative collaboration with German writing instrument brand LAMY in this lyrical CG exploration of the logo M+ Special Edition pen. [Watch]