Basak Erol and in/out join JUNGLER | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Signs Directors Basak Erol and in/out

From the release:

Jungler is proud to announce that two new directors are joining their roster for the French market.

Basak Erol, Turkish American director currently based in London, loves to mix different genres and styles to create incredibly visual films, which feel elegant, modern and poetic.

In/out, English duo formed by Thom Humphreys and Jean-Philippe Blunt, play with surrealism as they combine in-camera effects and digital experimentation, creating truly hypnotic and mesmerizing images.

Alexandra Chavane and Sebastien Pribile, Jungler’s EPs, tell us: “By signing Basak, Thom & JB, Jungler is officially opening up to more live-action talent. We are excited by this new step, as these directors push us in a new direction while staying coherent with our very first ambition – to have a creative and visually driven roster.”

Basak Erol and in/out will be joining a diverse roster, which includes, among many others, the iconic studios Aardman, the storytellers Cedric Jeanne and Vincent Gibaud, Kirsten Lepore’s humour, the Japanese studio onesal and the talented duo IAMSTATIC, as well as the 2D craftsmen Le Cube.