"Face à l’Inceste" by Vincent Gibaud and Jackson Joyce | STASH MAGAZINE

“Face à l’Inceste” by Vincent Gibaud and Jackson Joyce

Paris-based Jungler director Vincent Gibaud and Brooklyn painter/illustrator Jackson Joyce combine forces for a devastating take on child sexual abuse for French NGO Face à l’Inceste thru agency Publicis Conseil. [Read more]

Vincent Gibaud Sparks “Imagination” for Dagoma | STASH MAGAZINE

Vincent Gibaud Sparks “Imagination” for Dagoma

Jungler director Vincent Gibaud (whose psychoactive short film “La Nuit Je Danse Avec La Mort” we highly recommend), takes us on another unpredictable adventure in this new spot for 3D printer company Dagoma thru TBWA\Paris. [Read more]

Ambre Collective Join Jungler | STASH MAGAZINE

Ambre Collective Joins Jungler Roster

The talented Ambre Collective, composed French duo Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller, joins Jungler and we couldn’t be happier. [Read more]

Jungler signs French collective Souviens Ten-Zan | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Signs French collective Souviens Ten-Zan

Jungler announces the arrival of French collective Souviens Ten-Zan to the roster. This 11-brained collective has been collaborating since 2013 after graduating from the prestigious Gobelins animation school. [Read more]

Jungler director Indy Hait | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Signs Director Indy Hait

Jungler is proud to announce the arrival of their latest director, Indy Hait. [Read more]

Jungler directing trio PARACHUTES. Composed of Thibault de Fournas, Yann Pineill Nicolas Lefaucheux | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Welcomes French Directing Trio Parachutes

Composed of Thibault de Fournas, Yann Pineill, and Nicolas Lefaucheux, the Parachutes collective met at the prestigious ESAG-Penninghen university in Paris, where they quickly discovered their shared passions for design, cinema, and music. [Read more]