Aardman and Jungler Stage “McFarmer vs McRancher” Smackdown for McDonald’s

Paris prodco Jungler teams with director Will Studd and the stop-motion mavens at Aardman to frame up a slap-stick proxy burger battle for McDonald’s in France thru agency TBWA. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Explainers | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Explainers!

We don’t know of any other best-of-year lists that recognize explainer videos but Stash has a definite soft spot for designers and animators with the skill set and patience required to distill complex ideas into engaging content. [Watch]

Diptyque Holiday collection H5 Jungler | STASH MAGAZINE

H5 and Jungler Dance With Diptyque for the Holidays

Jungler director (and Oscar-winner) Ludovic Houplain channels Las Vegas show choreography to illuminate a Christmas film “that stands out from the usual clichés while retaining a festive spirit” for French luxury perfumer Diptyque. [Watch]

Jungler Ambre Verse Sierra Stronger Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Ambre Verse Parses Anger in New “Stronger” Music Video for Sierra

Jungler directors Ambre Verse (Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller) are back with a throbbing and ominous vision of near-future Paris to compliment the darksynth output of electronic artist Sierra. [Watch]

Jungler-directors | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Adds New Talent to Roster of Animation Directors

From the release: With a strong commitment to continually offering a diverse range of talents, Jungler are excited to welcome Laurent Clermont, Renaud Lavency, Inès Pagniez, and Anaïs Herd-Smith to the studio. [Watch]

Fondation de France Spot by Margherita Premuroso and Jungler | STASH MAGAZINE

Margherita Premuroso and Jungler Illuminate the Connectivity of Causes for Fondation de France

Jungler EP Amandine Bruneau in Paris: “Margherita Premuroso is an Italian director and animator renowned for her work in 2D animation which is steeped in traditional painting techniques.” [Watch]