Los York Films Launches with a Roster of Eight Directors

From the release:

Los York, the multi-disciplined ​modern​ creative company, today announced the launch of Los York Films and its roster of eight directors, including the company’s first female director, Lindsey Byrnes.​​ ​

Los York Films’ roster features multi-faceted, cross-disciplined talent, including: Sebastien Zanella, Bo Platt, Jean-Paul Frenay, Jeff Johnson, Lindsey Byrnes, and Shane Griffin (also Los York Studio’s Global Creative Director), as well as Los York’s founders Dex Deboree and Seth Epstein. ​

Santino Sladavic, Senior Executive Producer at Los York and interim EP for Films, comments: “We’re thrilled to be launching Los York Films, assembling a group of truly passionate creators whose skills cross every creative discipline. These are the kinds of “global nomads of the arts” that we’re attracted to at Los York — the styles, skills, and extensive backgrounds they bring to the table means exciting things for the company and amazing content in the near future.”

Sebastien Zanella is a director, documentary filmmaker, and photographer, known for a signature poetic style that is at once haunting and captivating. He is sought out for his authentic approach to storytelling and cinematic filmmaking, and has worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Nike, Glenmorangie, and Ducati — in addition to being founder and editor-in-chief of Desillusion Magazine, an online and print publication dedicated to a surf and skate culture.

Lindsey Byrnes is a director and photographer renowned for her portraits, commercial photography, music videos and short-form storytelling.. Throughout her career, Byrnes has ranged from creating images for album covers to creating magazine covers for the likes of Billboard, Esquire and Alternative Press, to creating photo essays for Rolling Stone.

Bo Platt is a Colorado native currently residing in LA and Paris, whose career spans multiple disciplines, including live action direction on documentaries in India and Africa as well as special effects and design. Platt combines filmic sensibilities with exemplary visual effects that reveal powerful human stories for brands such as Michelin, Orange, Lacoste, Nokia, Ducati, Coca Cola And Vodafone.​

Jean-Paul Frenay is a Belgian film director, creative director, and multidisciplinary visual artist known for blending live action, stop motion animation, CGI, miniatures, motion design, and photographic artworks into layered, mixed media projects. Frenay consistently tries to push the limits, change his style and explore beyond boundaries, as he has done in recent work for Lincoln, Renault, Nescafé, and Nissan.

Jeff Johnson is a Santa Barbara-based photographer, director, writer and brand ambassador known for shaping both Patagonia’s brand vision as well as adventure culture as a whole. One of the go-to photographers for Patagonia’s signature sublime photography, Johnson also made and starred in the travel documentary 180º South: Conquerors of the Useless and spearheaded Patagonia’s re-launch of their surf division.

Shane Griffin is a director and visual artist based in New York, where he serves as Los York Studio’s Global Creative Director. He has directed films for Apple, Google, Microsoft, Ford, and Adidas, with his work spanning a broad range of disciplines from animation and live action to sculpture and CGI.

Dexton Deboree is a co-founder of Los York, and in addition writes and directs award-winning campaigns for the Jordan Brand, Nike Basketball, Wilson and Major League Soccer. He directed the soon to be released feature documentary, Unbanned: The Legend of Air Jordan 1 (https://unbanthelegend.com).

Seth Epstein is a co-founder of Los York, known for a visually rich and humanistic style. Seth has most recently directed campaigns for Nike’s Jordan Brand, Zico Water, Audi, Oral-B, and Apple as well campaigns for WeChat featuring global soccer phenomenons Neymar and Messi.

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