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Margherita Premuroso Brings Her Directing, Animation, and Character Design Skills to Studio AKA

From the release:

Studio AKA are excited to introduce Margherita Premuroso, the latest addition to our creative team of directors. With a commanding presence in the global sphere of animation, art direction, character design, and visual storytelling, Margherita is an epitome of artistic excellence and creativity.

Born with an innate passion for drawing, Margherita’s journey from the traditional realms of painting and sculpture to the cutting-edge world of computer graphics is nothing short of inspiring. A distinguished alumnus of the European Institute of Design in Milan, Margherita has contributed immensely to the spheres of film, video games, commercials, and print media. Her career spans several countries, and has left an indelible mark on
some of the most recognized title sequences of recent times, including the likes of ‘Suburbicon (2017)’, ‘The Putin Interviews (2017)’, ‘Lodge 49 (2018)’, ‘Tell Me A Story (2018)’, ‘Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)’, and ‘Semi-Permanent Sydney 2019’.

Presently stationed in Milan, Italy, Margherita’s artistic journey continues to thrive, influencing and shaping the realm of visual storytelling. We are immensely proud to represent Margherita Premuroso worldwide in directing and Art direction capacities. For our friends in the USA, Margherita is represented by the exceptional team at Elastic TV. Her unique vision and dedication to her craft align seamlessly with our commitment to excellence
in creativity and innovation and we look forward to collaborating with her.

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