Iceman George Gervin One9 doc inserts Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Paints Portraits of the “Iceman” for One9

Studio AKA director Steve Small conjures the dark times in the life of NBA hall of famer George Gervin in three evocative animated portait sequences for One9’s documentary Iceman, released on the NBA App and NBA TV. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Characters | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Characters!

2023 was another stellar year for character-driven design and animation projects with an extraordinary range of styles and production techniques all focused on a singular goal: ensuring the narrative engages and resonates. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2023-Titles and Broadcast design | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2023: Titles and Broadcast Design!

With so many screens vying for viewers attention, the creative task of packaging big-budget television and streaming programming has never been more important or come with so much pressure to make a dent in popular culture. [Watch]

Stash issue 162 cover image | STASH MAGAZINE
BODIES Netflix titles Marcus Armitage Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Marcus Armitage Takes His Time With “BODIES” for Netflix

In striking contrast to the narrative complexities and relentless pacing of BODIES, Studio AKA director Marcus Armitage opens the Netflix series with clean, calm titles that tastefully allude to the show’s time-related mystery. [Watch]

Stash issue 161 | STASH MAGAZINE