Max Cooper “Spike” Music Video by Yoshi Sodeoka

Director and video artist Yoshi Sodeoka in New York: “Lately I’ve been making a lot of audio-reactive generative works using a technique based on reaction-diffusion. I realized that the pulsing rhythmic structure of “Spike” makes it a perfect audio track to synchronize with a visual improvisation on the impulse and evolution of imaginary microorganisms.

“The visuals grew from a few seeds of graphic and audio information that was animated, then mutated by automatic video feedback. Feedback generates more feedback, it becomes self-organizing, and it continues to generate forever unless it is instructed to stop. Like evolutionary processes in nature, making the visuals this way is often unpredictable and beyond control.

“This work is not a metaphor for Earth’s processes, nor is it meant as an illustration of Max’s music. I’d like to think of it as a way to confront the contagion and get free of lockdown, a lively voyage into a colorful inner terrain of image and sound.”

Artist: Max Cooper
Director: Yoshi Sodeaoka

Immediate Byte