Kinkajous Those Real Marco Fontan | STASH MAGAZINE

Kinkajous “Those Real” Ambient Music Video by Marco Fontan

Following up their collaboration on the stand-out “Convolution” music video, Austrian director/animator Marco Fontan and London band Kinkajous reteam for an ambient and abstract outing off the album Being Waves. [Read more]

Mac Miller San Francisco Ruffmercy Sam Mason | STASH MAGAZINE

Mac Miller “San Francisco” Music Video by Ruffmercy

The latest work from prolific UK director/animator Russ Murphy finds him deconstructing the face of rapper/producer Mac Miller into a glitchy and low-tech but ultimately hypnotic sequence of handmade frames. [Read more]

Moon Panda Vacationer Simona Mehandzhieva | STASH MAGAZINE

Moon Panda “Vacationer” Music Video by Simona Mehandzhieva

Bulgarian director/animator Simona Mehandzhieva, who graduated with the Narrative Animation class of 2020 from the Royal College of Art, applies her vibrant and idiosyncratic style to a piece for Denmark-based space-pop duo Moon Panda. [Read more]

François X A Scream into the Future Anne Raffin Les Monstres | STASH MAGAZINE

François X “A Scream into the Future” Music Video by Anne Raffin and Les Monstres

Best known for her animated feature background work, Paris-based artist Anne Raffin leaps into the director’s chair with this dystopian vision for French DJ and musician François X with Les Monstres studio handling production. [Read more]

Maggie Dave Old You Cassie Shao | STASH MAGAZINE

Maggie Dave “Old You” Music Video by Cassie Shao

Inspired by a dream, director/animator Cassie Shao mixes animation and live-action with paper cut-outs and 3D elements to conjure this whimsical and disorienting musical adventure for Los Angeles duo Maggie Dave. [Read more]

Ekipa Na Zajawce Music Video Rafał Blecharz Studio Pigeon | STASH MAGAZINE

Ekipa “Na Zajawce” Music Video by Rafał Blecharz and Studio Pigeon

Polish pop band and YouTube stars Ekipa and their dinosaur doppelgangers are launched on a post-apocalypse romp in this animated frenzy by director Rafał Blecharz and Studio Pigeon in Kraków, Poland. [Read more]