Sparks The Existential Threat music video by Cyriak | STASH MAGAZINE

Sparks “The Existential Threat” Music Video by Cyriak

UK director/animator Cyriak brings all his mastery of subversive weirdness to this music video for “The Existential Threat”, a track off the newest album from venerable American pop innovators Sparks. [Read more]

deadmau5 & The Neptunes Pomegranate music video | STASH MAGAZINE

deadmau5 & The Neptunes “Pomegranate” by Nick DenBoer

For his third deadmau5 music video, Toronto director/animator Nick DenBoer slathers his talent for CG comedy all over an epic chunk of intergalactic nonsense featuring The Neptunes (aka Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo). [Read more]

Bright Eyes "Mariana Trench" music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Bright Eyes “Mariana Trench” Music Video by Art Camp

Starting with 3D animation and archival footage as reference, NYC studio Art Camp merges the talents of 18 artists hunkered down in insolation to create 2,200 hand-illustrated ink paintings for “Mariana Trench” by US indie rockers Bright Eyes. [Read more]

Handclap "Haunted Soul feat. Arabella" music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Handclap + Arabella Packford “Haunted Soul” Music Video by WeCanMake

Director/animator Ben Collier-Marsh at WeCanMake in London brings his talent for abstract motion collage to this enigmatic music video for “Haunted Soul” from UK musician Handclap and vocalist Arabella. [Read more]

The Living Tombstone Drunk music video by Jaime Rodriguez | STASH MAGAZINE

The Living Tombstone “Drunk” Music Video by Jaime Rodriguez

Time to let loose with Jaime Rodriguez, New Jersey’s own purveyor of loosely-tuned animated insanity with his new video for “Drunk” by Israeli-American YouTuber Yoav Landau, aka The Living Tombstone. [Read more]

Julia Kent "Serves Us RIght" music video by Jola Kudela | STASH MAGAZINE

Darren Leigh Purkiss “Serves Us Right” Music Video by Jola Kudela

UK art director and Flame/Nuke artist Jola Kudela: “This video is a product of self-isolation during the coronavirus time, driven by the frustration of not being able to go outside, which for me was the direct consequence of our behavior as humans. [Read more]