Media.Work and Hermes Consider the Beauty of the Seasons

From the team at Media.Work: “In striving to capture a gracious sense of beauty and bring out the flip side of the fashion world, we created a series of films connected with an emotional reading of natural landscapes, revealing seasonal changes.

“In these Hermes films, we tried to create an atmosphere of convergence between fashion and nature, emphasizing the pristine beauty of hand craftsmanship. The woven fine threads float in the air and connect into a single movement, forming unique and unrepeatable patterns.
Spring/Summer (above)



Client: Hermes

Production: Media.Work
Creative Director: Igor Sordokhonov
Art Director: Dmitry Ponomarev
Designer: Denis Semenov, Dmitry Ponomarev
Graphic Designer: Anastasia Suryaninova
Text: Alexandra Kotova

Music: Artem Markaryan
Vocal: Elizaveta Kolesnikova