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Nexus Studios Signs Directing Duo Mike&Payne

From the release:

Nexus Studios is excited to announce the signing of Mike&Payne to its global talent roster. Mike&Payne’s unique, youthful perspective and passion for craft, sees their work move between the dark, the surreal, and the dynamic.

Unbound by medium or platform, the duo are able to create seamlessly across 3D, 2D, and a hybrid of live-action and animation. Brought up on a filmic diet of science fiction and anime films, their work is driven by a fascination with imaginative, fantastical, and cinematic storytelling.

The pair have a meticulous eye for detail and find pleasure in creating explosive visuals – bringing characters to life that do incredible things in impossible worlds for the likes of Riot Games, Adidas, Nike, SKII, Honda, and Spotify. Their work has been featured in Vimeo Staff picks, Stash, and Promo News and has won Gold and Silver Promax awards.

Nexus Studios Founder and Executive Creative Director Christopher O’Reilly explains, “We’re delighted to welcome Mike&Payne to our talent roster. We were bowled over by the duo’s powerful creative vision, backed by an incredible work ethic and genuine passion for craft. I’m excited to see what we create together.”

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