NOMINT director Jonathan Lindgren | STASH MAGAZINE

NOMINT Adds 3D Designer/Animator Jonathan Lindgren to Directing Roster

From the release:

Jonathan is a sought-after 3D Designer and Animation Director, originally from a small town in Sweden but has been enjoying life in London for three years now. From plain geometrical shapes to his Staff Picked sushi chef character, Jonathan’s work is characterized by powerful energy, razor-sharp precision and impeccable comedic timing.

His work has won awards and has already been featured in Its Nice That, Stash, Motionographer, Plain Magazine among others.

Tell us about the “How to Make Sushi” film, it’s concept and design.

“I’ve always had a fascination with people who are really dedicated to the craft. I also think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of getting carried away with work, to a point they forget why they’re doing it. The whole concept stems from the pursuit of perfection and the cost of it.

“Always being inspired by Japanese animation, this turned into an emulation of many years of reading manga and watching anime. Also, seeing how the amazing craftsmanship and graphic design was used in ‘Isle of Dogs’ film, definitely influenced me a lot. Mixing that with my own style of design animation, it finally took this shape.”